Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bedtime Routines

Every night I have the joys of tucking my three precious babies into bed. It's different for each of them.... With Cade we chat a little on his futon before he climbs up his loft and then leans over the side to give me kisses. Alayna snuggles in tight and I sit beside, rubbing her back, while she shares her feelings of missing family back in Iowa or the excitement she has for something happening at school the next day. But for Paisley, we still get full cuddles in the rocking chair, singing lullabies, reading stories .... And most recently, talking. 

She is nearly 3 1/2 now and full of conversation. Tonight as I reflected back on the last week I've had with her home and the older two in school, I told her how proud I was of her good behavior, and I genuinely shared with her how much fun I've had hanging out. 

She proceeded to ask about whether daddy and I like snuggling with her - a clear connection to my previous statements. I followed along with her train of thought, and confided that it's some of our favorite moments, but that I was feeling sad with how fast she was growing. I told her I was proud to be her mama and watch her grow big. And I explained that sometimes it hurt to know she wasn't my little baby anymore. 

And with that, she pulled her thumb from her mouth, looked up at me and said: "I'll always have time for you, mommy."

{sigh} I hope so, sweetie. 

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